Friday, June 08, 2007

Duncan Fallowell: 'Cristiano Ronaldo is Apollo'

Dear Madame Arcati - I was calmly writing a review of Douglas Hurd's Robert
Peel for the Daily Express and broke off for a fig roll, cup of coffee, and
a glance at your tonic column. All is lost! Ronaldo Apollo! I feel ill! My
whole life a mistake! Cruel, cruel! Air, air! How can I go back to the desk
now? Any desk, ever again?

Yours paracetamolly,

Duncan Fallowell

For the cause of Duncan's erotic if not existential crisis, click here


drf said...

Ref. Ronaldo's pubic trim - men do it these days because it makes the cock look bigger. But when a body is as close to perfection as Ronaldo's, any such interference is a blemish. Duncan F

Anonymous said...

Here, here, an end to chicken plucking right now

Anonymous said...

Every garden needs shrubbery

Anonymous said...

Poor Douglas Hurd, to be dragged into a discussion on pubes.

lavinia said...

Dougie's a darling. He won't mind.

Anonymous said...

At school he used to creep about and was always known as Seen And Not Hurd

Cris Ronaldo said...

Thanks a lot, Dunc