Tuesday, June 26, 2007

'I saw 93 year-old man with an erection'

Good Evening Madame

Just a little note extending on the age related issue of Hugh Hefner [Fuck her daddy, click here]

On this trip to Ipswich this past weekend we visited a local hot establishment. We were amazed to see a very old man (stick - like needing a good iron) enjoying the pleasures of the heat palace obviously for therapeutic measures. It turned out he was 93! He was very turned on by the surrounding proceedings and duly displayed 1 erect 8 inch member - viagra free I believe.

My god I thought I would have to be hanging up my sauna shoes but there is hope!

Something you might want to weave into one of your stories.

By the way when is your birthday? I am confused.

Your SA cousinx

Dear Coz

Thank you for sharing this observation with my global audience of size queens. Like Her Maj, I have two birthdays, but neither of which are celebrated every year hence my relative youth. Years whistle by and I cease to age by virtue of not noticing my birthday. It's my elixir. You can't bottle self-delusion.

You don't say what the 93 year-old man did with his engorged member - perhaps he had priapism, which I understand is a medical condition. I'm sure the Reader's Digest or The First Post have written about this distressing complaint.

Your ever loving MA x

The photograph shows an elderly gentleman who's not quite 93 enjoying the charms of Miss Paris Hilton, the former jail bird.


Duralex said...

Here's a man who can rightfully boast that his cock is the best part of him !

Anonymous said...

why is this site so phallo-centric
can we have a bit more balance please