Saturday, June 09, 2007

Brighton - shaved pubed naked cyclists everywhere

I drove into Brighton this afternoon - and the first thing I see on the coast road past the Palace Pier? About 200 naked cyclists cluttering up the way, waving placards. As a matter of personal policy I don't read placards. No one's going to bring their agenda to my attention in my time. But I noticed there was scarcely an unshaved mons pubis - Duncan Fallowell is quite right, most of the men looked better endowed as a result - though no more attractive - while the women seemed less wild, more feminine, less Angela Carter, for their pert little triangles of lawn. I wondered about tampon strings. I'd have taken a picture on my mobile but it was off owing to the fact I'm trying to avoid someone's call.

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The Daughter-of-a-bitch said...

A call from some of your victims' lawyer, I guess ? :-)