Friday, June 22, 2007

Molly Parkin's surfer boy lover: He finds Arcati

A few weeks ago Molly Parkin recounted in an interview and poem how at the age of 73 she had a sexual encounter with a 23-year-old surfer boy in Las Vegas. A man now claiming to be the lucky chap writes to confirm ...

The poem
The interview
Father's sexual abuse
Molly's painting of Las Vegas encounter

Hello from Melbourne Australia!

I write regarding an article posted back in March of this year with an interview you conducted with the young and lovely Molly Parkin.

I discovered the article after googling Molly's name. The reason for the search was because I had just confessed (over a few beers) to a couple of my closest mates about an encounter with a lovely older women in Las Vegas a year or so back.

Obviously they found it impossible to believe and I was promptly ridiculed!

However after finding your article I was promptly hailed a hero (no thanks to Molly's very kind words regarding the lasting impression we both had on each other!)

I just thought it fitting to let you know!

Kindest regards

Laban AKA "Bronzed Surfer"

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