Saturday, June 09, 2007

Diana spam - only in The Sun!

Tina Brown will do wonders for the Daily Mail's circulation with the serialisation of her chirpily written The Diana Chronicles, of that I am confident. Saddest of the UK papers attempting to surf this tidal wave of royal rehash is The Sun. Today it dedicates its centre pages to what looks like an extract from Brown's book and an interview with the author. However, the content is pure journalistic spam - greasy off-cuts from a publisher's PR sheet and a dubious filler interview with one of the princess' innumerable psychics - together with a few pinched headline tales from Brown's book itself.

Then at the bottom readers are offered a FREE copy of Diana: Story of a Princess - turn to page 49! Not by Tina Brown, but by Tim Clayton and Phil Craig, a book published in 2002. On Amazon used and new copies are available from £0.01. For the Sun's giveaway - send £1.99 to cover postage.

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