Monday, June 18, 2007

Cliff Richard - pour homme or femme?

That old tart Cliff Richard sends me information on his new scent Summer Holiday “named after his 1963 Number One hit.” Pour homme or femme? He does not say. How typical. Like Cliff, "it is light and delicate but long lasting." Price: £15.


Anonymous said...

How cheap and tacky, destined for the shelves of Wilkinsons or Woolworths, I feel. Is it Holy Water ?

Lemon Jizz said...

Is there still a market for this kind of cheap ablusion? Belongs to the era of Hi-Karate, Denim, Brut etc.(tradtional gifts for Father`s Day)Can see this in the Bargain Bucket of my local Superdrug too.

`Summer Holiday`, how original ! How about;
Importune Moment? (very 1970s)