Saturday, June 02, 2007

McGowan's Corgi eating/Hirst's diamond skull

Performance artist Mark McGowan, who recently ate a bit of Corgi dog in protest at Prince Philip beating a fox to death, sends me this message: "I AM SO SORRY BUT I ATE A CORGI".

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For myself, I am thinking of sprinkling a little ground up bone from a human skull on my pasta in protest at Damien Hirst's latest exhibition of fraud - the £50m diamond-encrusted skull titled For The Love of God.

Hirst's excuse for this stunt is that it's the "maximum" he could do "as a celebration against death." I should have thought two skeletons wrapped together in sexual congress might have made the point just as adequately - call it Up Pompeii or something; you know, something original. Naturally, the idiotic Independent has put the skull on its front page today - but then its editor, Simon Kelner (post- diet pic below), spends as much time in the Groucho as Hirst does - two smug piss artists who should be both dipped in volcanic lava and then stuck on a plinth with the title Getting Away With It.




Nige le Nige said...

I like how it looks, but I don't like where it came from. No, I don't mean that I don't like Mr H. I mean I don't like that it came from a synaptic sub-second brain zap that was then farmed out to hired hands to be made up as the vision-viewer remotely decreed. (Skull-thuggery?) Ideas are not enough. I'd prefer it if he got his hands glistery himself. Nige le Nige.

Arcati said...

I'd make something else of his glistery, something to illuminate his nights under the sheets.

Anonymous said...

You are so right about 'pussyman' Kelner. Does he ever do any work?