Wednesday, November 08, 2006

An Iraqi blogger tells her truth

While our mainstream media offer remote, dry analyses of Iraq - Murdoch has given his blessing to the "minute" loss of American life there - hundreds of Iraqi blogs paint a truer picture of the situation: see

One blog in particular has caught my attention, Baghdad Chronicles - "The detailed daily events of a Baghdadi woman". The blogger is only identified as Miraj - her last post was on October 20 so I pray she's safe. Her cause seems to be humanitarian, her wish is peace. Her life is hell. Miraj's story won't be read in any newspaper or told on Sky or CNN.

Here's an unedited snap of her blog:

"Americans now in general, especially those who are with Bush’s policy often tend to shrug their shoulders denying what may would be slight feeling of responsibility towards the country they invaded by the new cliché 'Iraqis are killing Iraqis, not our business.'

"Well, yes! It is your damn business!

"That sentence would be right in one case, if people started killing each other which is not the case here. The case is that the country is controlled by the Militias from one side and Bathists from another side. Those two groups are criminals and what is happening here is Organized Crime. My neighborhood is a mixed area where you find sunnis and shias are living together in one street. I never saw nor heard that one neighbor attacked the other one for being sunni or shia on the contrary the whole neighborhood is standing together in case intruders get in to attack people.

"If those criminals know that there is punishment for what they do they would not have done it for they would fear law but they know that this land became a cowboy land, the survival for the strongest and since the government itself support the militias, not one good thing will happen here and they will keep on the killing and on the other side the other groups will answer them in revenge killing again

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