Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fallowell's wig - mystery solved

Yesterday's Evening Standard ran Madame Arcati's exclusive story on the April Ashley plagiarism debacle (see below) that resulted in the pulping of her book The First Lady. The photo showed April beautiful as ever and writer Duncan Fallowell in a dirty blonde woman's wig ... he explains in an email:

That photo was taken at the Fourth Estate 21st party last year. I was wearing the chemotherapy wig of my dear friend Bunny Dexter (RIP) - she pressed it into my hands and said 'It may be useful one day'. And so it proved. I told the gossip columnist that I was lead singer with the Crippled Niggers and our album, Paedophilia, was due out next month - but they found out the hideous truth. DRF.

I understand that John Blake Publishing will pay damages to Duncan for ripping him off. Neither April's ghost Douglas Thompson nor Blake has had the courtesy to reply to my queries.

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