Friday, November 03, 2006

The Indy: obsessed with bunnies

Has the Independent got it in for rabbits? It features an awful lot of rabbit recipes. And in the December issue of GQ, Indy editor Simon Kelner scoffs saddle of bunny with bunny pie topped by creamy potato puree at fashionable London restaurant Arbutus. Bill: £84.83.

Is Kelner some kind of pervy bunny boiler?

Here's the Indy's inordinate (selected!) list of bunny shame:

Food of the Week: Local specialities
Published: 29 October 2006
Includes rabbit

Richard Olney's rabbit with saffron, cucumbers and tomatoes
Published: 22 October 2006

Skye Gyngell: The rabbit omnibus
Published: 22 October 2006
If you are too squeamish for rabbit then you are missing a treat. Skye Gyngell presents a comprehensive, leg-to-saddle guide to getting the best from this delicate, gamey meat. I really love cooking rabbit. Over the past couple of years ...

Grilled rabbit with lentils, Speck and mustardy vinaigrette
Published: 22 October 2006
By Skye Gyngell. The gently smoky flavour of the Speck works really nicely with the simply grilled rabbit - while the vinaigrette and lentils lend a depth that feels satisfying and autumnal. Serves four 4 rabbit legs (the hindlegs), boned [that's enough rabbit innards. Ed].

Rabbit livers on toast with Pedro Ximénez
Published: 22 October 2006
By Skye Gyngell. Rabbit livers are deliciously tender, gentle in flavour and almost sweet.

Warm salad of rabbit, borlotti, tomatoes and torn bread
Published: 22 October 2006

Mark Hix cooks up your favourite recipes
Published: 07 October 2006
Includes rabbit.

Grilled rabbit with rosemary, polenta and black olives
Published: 30 September 2006
By Mark Hix. Serves 4. Large French-farmed rabbits are best used for this dish

Celebrating Le Caprice
Includes rabbit dish
Published: 30 September 2006

Roadkill: One from the road
Published: 07 September 2006
It's free-range, free of charge - and it sure is fresh. So next time you see roadkill, take it home and eat it. Rose Prince goes kerb-crawling. Early autumn and the fields are stubble; tree branches droop with cobnuts, and dead rabbits and ... [censored on taste grounds]


Susan Hill said...

Enough to send you vegetarian

Anonymous said...

What's up doc!

dovegreyreader said...

We'd better keep shooting them down here in Devon in that case,the GK notched up 5000 this year all for London tables, now I can see why they need so many.

Anonymous said...

What does GK stand for then?

dovegreyreader said...

Sorry GameKeeper,we have a tame one in the house.