Monday, November 06, 2006

Boris on Conrad Black's cake

Rather liked Rod Liddle's review of Tom Bower's book on Lord and Lady Black in the Sunday Times yesterday. Liddle was asked by the ex-Spectator ed Boris Johnson to write a piece about the former Telegraph owner but didn't quite understand what Black had done. Boris explained:

“Um, well, Rod, think of it a bit like this. Imagine your wife had bought a chocolate cake for the children and put it in the fridge for safekeeping. And then, ah, in the middle of the night you crept downstairs and ate a little bit of it. That’s, um, sort of what Conrad’s done.”

Later, when the enormity of Black's alleged fiddling at Hollinger had come to light, Boris amended his explanation to:

"Um, you know that stuff I said about Conrad and the chocolate cake, Rod? Well, he may have taken more than just a little slice ...”

CONRAD AND LADY BLACK: Dancing on the Edge by Tom Bower, Harper Press £20.

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