Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fantasy journalism: Madge & Saddam

The Mail’s “Glenda”, Amanda Platell, described Madonna as a “faded” popstar in last Saturday’s paper in a predictable, typically spiteful, swipe over the adoption. So faded in fact that, well, read this Nov 6 posting on Her Madgesty’s website:

“After Hung Up, Sorry and Get Together, Madonna's Jump made its way to the number one spot of the Billboard Dance Club Play chart. This is Madonna's 37th #1 single in this particular chart since her first studio album, back in 1983. Congratulations Madonna! Jump will be released as a cd maxi-single on November 7.”

Another example of fantasy journalism attended Saddam Hussein’s death sentence on Sunday. A number of reports claimed that the hair-dyed former tyrant was “visibly shaken” at the announcement of his fate. In fact nothing could be further from the truth. A study of the video footage reveals arrogance, hauteur, a curious stony-faced rage, anything but the tremors of shock at the prospect of the noose. He had in fact asked to be shot.

His was the face that knew what was coming. He’d prepared his performance, Koran in hand. This was a far more interesting response than the fiction served up in some news reports. How dull is professionalism.

And editors wonder why newspapers are on the slide.

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