Sunday, January 21, 2007

AA Gill: pot, kettle, black

In today's Sunday Times, AA "call me Adrian" Gill delivers a breathless denunciation of Celebrity Big Brother and the "remedially educated" Jade Goody. Inadvertently, and brilliantly, his description of the show perfectly fits another bastion of national entertainment ... (my additions in parentheses):

"Big Brother [the Sunday Times] is a format that is constructed around premeditated bullying [of certain of its staff and story targets by the editor and his lieutenants]. It incites and exacerbates unfairness, encourages cliques [with "freelance contracts" among other things]. It bullies its contestants [staff/story targets] with humiliation, rewards and punishment [see Nick Hellen postings below]. It foments resentment and hatred [Mr Hellen, et al]."

Well done Gill! Incidentally, he dodges the matter of Goody's racism probably because he himself has been the subject of racist allegations following a piece he penned in the Sunday Times Magazine on Albanians - described by him as "short and ferret-faced, with the unisex, stumpy, slightly bowed legs of Shetland ponies."

The toothless, non-Albanian Press Complaints Commission concluded that a bit of post-mod larking about at the expense of another race was not worth troubling the symbiosis between itself and editors.

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