Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Jodie Marsh dumps fiance

Alas, I was right about Jodie Marsh. On her blog she announces:

"If you are reading this Dave Doyle; you are dumped. I'm not even going to waste my breath in saying it to your face or on the phone. You don't deserve it. The reason for this? I know (and have proof) that you cheated on me. It was on New Year's Eve, with your ex-bird, she stayed at your flat and got a cab to the station the next day. Do not ring me (cos I won't answer), do not email me (cos I won't read it) and if you sell a story on me; well you'll just make yourself look stupid because I have done nothing wrong and YOU are a cheating w*nker."

OK! magazine - which used up nine pages to explore the Doyle-in-the-Marsh love match (at home) - must be mortified.

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fanny hill said...

Oh, my ! Stormy weather for the poor hacks. If all the celebs do the same thing, they'll be obliged to apply for unemployment benefits.