Thursday, January 18, 2007

Drugaddict's 'I Love Charlie' exhibition

The art people have kindly invited me to an intriguing exhibition called I Love Charlie at London's Guy Hilton Gallery from Feb 24.

The title is a clue to its mischief: a play on love of coke while some sort of tribute to art collector Charles Saatchi, "an unwilling celebrity in this celebrity culture".

The press release explains: "Celebrity and Art have now been hopelessly confused. Charles Saatchi is an unwilling celebrity married to a celebrity cook 'Nigela Lawson'. Tracey Emin writes a column each week for the Independent and is never out of the gossip columns herself mixing with the likes of Kate Moss, she is in fact a celebrity Artist."

To this end the paintings and photos of artists and tabloidy slebs (eg ex-Coronation Street's Richard Fleeshman; Sadie Frost et al) will hang together is what sounds like a satirical showcase of the Frankenstein marriage of credible tat and showbizzy tit.

Members of the public will be asked to vote for their favourite work in an old-fashioned voting booth supplied by novelist Will Self. And I particularly like the fact that the stuff will be up for sale and categorised and priced like street drugs - Class A, B and C.

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Walter said...

You should be careful, Madame. You are giving away too many clues to your identity. Perhaps you want to be outed (in which case I am sure Nick Hellen would be only too happy to oblige). But if you don't, I suggest you simply turn up at events, like exhibitions, without telling us in advance that you are on the guest list.
I would sign off with my nom de plume ("Featherweight"), but then nobody would know it was me.

Anonymous said...

I happen to know that this so-called Madame is like some ghastly Borg with a number of inter-linked automata parading around London parties. The Sunday Times is onto this one.