Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Duncan Fallowell: And now to Sodom ...

I am delighted to learn that the world's best writer-interviewer, Duncan Fallowell, is about to deliver to his agent the second book in his celebrity interviews trilogy, A La Recherche des Etoiles Perdues.

Titled Sodom & Gomorrah it's the rock 'n' roll/showbizzy/naughty one and includes not only his meetings with Tina Turner, Gilbert & George, Vivienne Westwood, Johnny Rotten, Lord Snowdon, Patricia Highsmith, Osbert Lancaster, Peter O'Toole, Sophia Loren, et al, but also rentboys, female boxers, people who've changed their sexuality (as opposed to their sex!) and sundry other delights.

The third volume Portraits in a Distant Corridor will be more intellectual: personal encounters with writers, philosophers, historians and eccentrics, some of them born in the 19th Century. The first in the trilogy Twentieth Century Characters was published in 1994 (Vintage).


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