Thursday, January 25, 2007

Twiggy's ire at 'Stumpy' fire

I am very sorry to learn that the sainted Twiggy - her virginal nimbus has not quite deserted her - is the subject of a horrible attack by the ghastly, cosmetically upholstered she-elephant called Janice Dickinson.

Their contretemps arises from Dickinson's sacking as a judge from America's Next Top Model, a reality show about to be broadcast on Living TV. She describes herself as the US's first supermodel and boasts to have appeared on 37 Vogue covers. Her impersonation of Simon Cowell's sharp tongue to model contenders was a little too much for the fashionistas and so sweet Twiggy was recruited to bathe the show in positivity.

Evidently Dickinson didn't welcome this development and has now taken to referring to Twigs as "Stumpy" - thought to be a reference to her lack of height among catwalk giantesses. Word has got back to Twiggy who is most aggrieved, I learn.

Incidentally, Dickinson's publisher used to be Judith Regan, recently fired by the Old Testicle Murdoch from ReganBooks for the OJ Simpson debacle. Both fired for misconduct: birds of a feather, etc. And I relish this exchange between Dickinson and The Book Standard's Chuck Shelton from last May - they were discussing Dickinson's book Check, Please! and the perils of dealing with Regan ....

CS: I’m looking at this subtitle [to Check, Please!] —“How to Pick Up Boys . . . and Dump Them When You’re Done.”
JD: Well, I didn’t add that. That was not me at all. That’s all Judith. That should have been taken out. That’s her take on what my book is about —
CS: Well, you better talk to her —
JD: I wanted her to take that off —
CS: I’m looking at the cover. Maybe she will. I’ve got the galley copy right here.
JD: She has to. It’s a galley. It’s not on it.
CS: You have to tell her then.
JD: I have told her. She doesn’t listen.

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