Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bullying Online response: 'What about Jodie?'

Dear Madame A,

I'm really disappointed that an anti-bullying charity doesn't think it's appropriate to speak out publicly on an issue like Jade Goody's appalling Big Brother remarks to Shilpa Shetty which have been condemned by three other anti-bullying charities - Kidscape, Bullying Online and Act Against Bullying - race relations bodies, MPs and the public..

There was no reluctance to speak out to the media when Beatbullying ambassador Jodie Marsh was given a hard time on the 2006 version of the show.

At that time, the charity was quoted widely on the issue, under the London Evening Standard headline "Stop bullying our Jodie" which reported: "Jodie Marsh's harsh treatment at the hands of her Big Brother housemates was condemned by anti-bullying campaigners yesterday."

Elsewhere the charity was quoted saying...."Beatbullying has received a huge number of e-mails from young people across the UK who support Jodie's stance on bullying, many of them very worried about some of the treatment Jodie is going through in the Big Brother house. Beatbullying will speak out against bullying whenever it happens".

It's disappointing that Beatbullying's previous support in the media for Jodie Marsh doesn't extend to Shilpa Shetty when they both took part in versions of the same show.
Liz Carnell
Bullying Online


Newsboy said...

Valid points.

Anonymous said...

Publicly defending a bullying victim is a very different thing to publicy vilifying a bully.