Monday, January 08, 2007

Nicholas Hellen: naughty Lord Percy

For more on the Sunday Times' deputy news editor Nicholas "Lord Percy" Hellen and his low techniques, go to the fascinating site Biffinbridge. Blackmail claims, possible data protection issues, unpleasantness to an innocent mother ... dear oh dear. What is this once great newspaper coming to?


Anonymous said...

And the skeletons in Mr Hellen's cupboard are......... ?

Don't spare his blushes Madame A.

lowlyhack said...

I once did work experience at the Sunday Times and sat next to Hellen and another female workie. All week long I was subjected to Hellen on the phone shouting about the family's nanny and totally ignoring us poor grunts (who, I seem to recall, were doing all the legwork for one of his stories).

Finally, at the end of the week he acknowledged us. "Starting out in journalism, are you?" he barked. We sat rapt, waiting for a pearl of journalistic wisdom - or perhaps he would put in a good word for us about getting some shifts?

"I've got one tip for you girls - NEVER FUCK A JOURNALIST."

Arcati said...

Lovely, keep the Hellen anecdotes coming. And would the person who runs Biffinbridge get in touch privately: I have something to pass onto you.

Anonymous said...

Some people say there is honour among thieves. Fortunately it's not true :-)))