Friday, January 26, 2007

Naomi Watts buys up doggy dinner

I have never quite got over a claim in the Guardian back in 2003 that the actress Naomi Watts’ pet dog had to be hospitalised after wolfing down a pile of marijuana left lying around. She denied it claiming that the beast suffered from narcolepsy. How I laughed.

Now I learn from a reliable source that she’s done a good turn for the canine race. While in Beijing filming The Painted Veil recently, she spotted a shop full of caged dogs. Told that they were due to be shot and sold as an accompaniment to pot noodles, she bought up the entire stock and had them flown back to the States for care and keeping. There, you don't have to become an international ambassador for UNICEF to be rich and caring.

In The Painted Veil, generous dog lover Naomi plays a character called … Kitty.


Anonymous said...

Naomi was not responsible for that incident as she was filming on location in Vancouver when her dog was doped at home. The bag of marijuana was believed to be left lying around by her then boyfriend Heath Ledger who was not working on any films at the time. Both Naomi and her beloved dog were victims.

Naomi has always been nice and kind to animals, and this was further proven by the noble act she did recently in China which was never publicized.

She works as an UN ambassador only because she cares for people suffering from the AIDS disease and wants to do her small part. It is not for fame or money, both she already has from her 20 years of making movies.

Please do not diminish her and keep your narrowness to yourself.

Arcati said...

Thank you, sugar plum. I didn't know that Heath Ledger was responsible for doping the dog and Naomi! - but hey, I'm not judgemental; not with the 20th Century just behind us, what with Hitler, Stalin, et al. Nor did I know that Naomi repped the UN: I mean, how intuitive could I get? I happen to think Naomi profoundly talented and her saving of those doggies wonderful. So don't get me wrong. Send her my love. Tell her Madame Arcati wants to interview her by email.

previously anon now delightful, something I hope to continue said...

I was anonymous, then I asked you a question and you answered M.A., and you referred to me as a "delightful" reader or some such...

You did the deed on CBB, as I'd suggested, (and many thanks for the insight, Mdm. A.), but who the hell is Naomi Watts?

Should I know?

I'm concerned about the dogs.

Arcati said...

Dear Delightful Reader, Naomi is a very fine Hollywood actress - why, she's our 21st Century Fay Wray having co-starred in the latest King Kong. Personally I prefer her in less commercial fare such as David Lynch's Mulholland Drive, a movie that still defies adequate explication if not understanding. I also liked her in Wide Sargasso Sea - I love the word Sargasso: it speaks plainly of another place to which carbon trading is alien. I also know that Naomi was born in Kent and is a touch over 5ft 4ins.

As to the dogs she saved, I presume they are happily driving their owners' neighbours mad with their incessant, notice-me barking. I'm a cat person myself. My brother has taught his cat Sooty (or The Sooter as I prefer to call her) to shake his hand on request.

Ms Baroque said...

Mme A, my sister used to have a cat who could play back the answerphone and turn on taps. She had to make sure he was locked out of the bathroom when she went to work.

john said...

there is no evidence that watts's dog ever had any marijuana. in fact her dog suffers from epilepsy (so i learned in a discussion w/her mum).

you guys just should not believe everything the tabloids say, & yes...the source was the tabloids.

if you do, i think those flying saucers are things you should really worry about. along w/the wmds from iraq.

Anonymous said...
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