Monday, January 15, 2007

Has CBB found its screaming queen?

No sooner had I offered my advice on regenerating the current Celebrity Big Brother - a screaming queen was what was required - than I hear it rumoured that Lauren Harries maybe joining the remaining housemates. Lauren is the former antiques expert James made famous by Terry Wogan when he was just a 10-year-old boy, a rather precocious one I recall, and marked by me even then as a sexual deviant in the making. I warmed to him immediately. Then, as testicular activity kicked in, James decided he was a woman and took advantage of modern medical science to make it so.

I have absolutely no doubt that Lauren will supply the elements I identified in my previous post for an interesting show: Channel 4's audience share will rocket and, you never know, perhaps Jack Tweedy will find a new outlet for his pent up sexual energy. Lauren is certainly a most comely female with an ear-splitting screech when required to talk over her bolshy interlocutors. I shall be most disappointed if Lauren turns out to be a suburban myth.

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