Sunday, January 21, 2007

'Jade Goody paid £50,000 by Screws'?

"Jade [Goody] was not paid for this interview," screams the News of the World today. Is this accurate? For the interview the paper contracted to pay the consideration of £50,000. The fact that this sum will be donated to a charity of Goody's and Shilpa Shetty's choice is another matter. The fact that Goody will not actually receive the sum is neither here nor there: it's part of the quid pro quo. The donation is contingent on the interview.

"For the interview Jade has donated our £50,000 fee to charity" would have been the truthful screamer. We also learn that her CBB fee of £50,000 is going to charity too. So the value of Jade's donation(s) is £100,000 - hopefully the Anti-Bullying Alliance (see below) is not on her good cause list.

The interview itself is not worth £500 let alone £50,000. It just repeats the mea culpa Goody gobbed at Davina McCall on Celebrity Big Brother. But the donation launders the exercise and is good PR for the paper - and is not unhelpful to demonised Goody. Oh, and expect a sales lift of about 100,000 (x 85p per unit) copies.

Now, to the Screws' Goody interviewer Jules Stenson. He is certainly an expert on bullying - although about 10 feet tall he has been abused by newspaper staff over the years. Notorious bully editor Bridget Rowe at The People contributed to his endorphins-free existence there in the '90s. And only recently poor Jules was compelled to appear in the Screws' problem page Photo File as a middle-aged office satyr pursuing some poor lass half his age. This was his punishment-by-humiliation for a fuck-up I won't re-visit here.

Yep, the News of the World knows all about bullying.


Clive Keeble said...

Not to forget that Harper Collins (a Murdoch stable-mate of The Screws) have a Jade p/b due for release on 5th Feb.

£50K to try and keep the books from being pulped.

Ms Baroque said...

Mme A, I have long said I don't know how the Big Brother producers sleep at night. I think it's interesting, given the media's love of Jade-bashing, that her remarks to this Indian actress are regarded as far more serious than the horrible meltdown suffered by Ahmed (I think that was his name) a few years ago - a vulnerable person who should never have been in that stupid house inth e first place, but was put there for our amusement - so we could - non-prejudicially, of course - watch him suffer.

I have just been told that Davina and Jade share an agent!! Is this true?

The whole thing's rotten through.

Arcati said...

Jade and Davina do indeed share an agent.