Sunday, November 16, 2008

Charles at 60: 'Oh, blast, is she still alive?'

The ailing Sunday Express seems to think Charles will start "ruling" when he's 65 (the claim is wisely condomed in quote marks). This is not the view of former Express royal corespondent Ashley Walton. Writing on Tina Brown's Daily Beast site he claims: "Palace 'friends' say that now, at 60, Charles accepts that the Queen’s robust health and formidable genes mean he is unlikely to be King until his late seventies." In other circumstances this might seem a happy prospect - you know, your mum living to about 100 - but here it sounds like a depressing, life-restricting, doom-laden prophecy. Still, what does Ashley know? He can't even get Dame "Judy" Dench's name right.

Ashley's supposed inside view of Charles' 60th Birthday (ie Nexus cuts and warmed up goss), click here.

Meanwhile, 10 arse-licks for Charles from Jonathan Dimbleby in the Sunday Times - composed in that deferential, solicitous awe (if spoken, adopt a measured, soft tone) which allows criticism before the crucial, forelock-tugging, pivotal but:

1 "Persecuted by moralisers, hypocrites and cynics ..."
2 "He is charming, generous and thoughtful"
3 "He empathises with troubled souls"
4 "He combines [a] generosity of spirit with an intense seriousness of purpose"
5 "A loving father"
6 "He finds himself sought after for the expertise ... and ...wisdom he has accumulated 'minding' about the world"
7 "Bill Clinton, says: 'The prince is ... always a step ahead of me. I am astonished by his reach"
8 Senior cabinet minister: “He has an amazing range of interests and none of them are superficial."
9 "The complex, driven man ..."
10 "Those who have been on the receiving end of his solicitude do not easily forget it ..."

For more of this, click here.


Anonymous said...

'condomed in quote marks'? Madame, please!

Anonymous said...

I never had you down as a republican. What a graceless item, I love it.

The late Willie Hamilton said...

It's astonishing that the Dimbleby rubbish still gets written in the 21st century when Prince Charles' position is entirely predicated on genetic privilege. Would Dimbleby speak of his cook or cleaner in these terms? How happily journalists adopt the submissive position when it suits their careers.

Jamsie said...

Well said, Madame M.
To witness that super-groveller Christopher Soames performing his creepy, brown-nosing act in support of that irrelevance Charles makes one's flesh crawl. The spirit of Ruritania will live forever with these crawling courtiers around. (Silly costumes and even funnier hats). Charles is neither trained, qualified, competent or experienced in the real world of work. He was born between the legs of Elizabeth 2nd. That's all his achievements amounts to.

Madame Arcati said...

Thank you Jamesie. I am glad to see a backlash against Dimbleby's dreadful piece - the gall of Charles to imagine that his genetic privileges should entitle him to reshape the constitutional monarchy!

Even the idea of his being presidential was floated by his biographer lackey.

We must pray that Liz II stays alive until such time as Charles joins Diana in a resumptuion of hostilities Over There.

I would even go so far as to propose an El Cid Solution whereby, like the Christian hero last incarnated by Charlton Heston in the eponymous film, we should pretend that the Queen is still alive after she passes away, a legal fiction that could be maintained to keep Charles off the throne.

I am sure Lord Norm. St John Stevas could be relied upon to do his duty and masquerade as HM on important state occasions, provided he got on his knees for verisimilitude. He is after all considerably taller than our darling Queen. And he certainly is most used to shuffling about on his knees. It's second nature to the old, learned fool.

I am often accused of vitriolic negativity, yet does not this proposal combine a never-say-die positivity with reasoned argument?