Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sebastian Horsley: 'I'll marry him on Christmas Day'

Gosh, suddenly I'm the patron saint of escorts! Well, they're better company than ghastly hacks, that's for sure. Now, Sebastian Horsley. He has many friends, I see, and one in particular, Belle, got in touch and I said to her: C'mon, talk to me about him, tell us about Sebastian, the man who says he's visited over 1,000 prostitutes and is a Will Self old chum. So this is what happened ...

Belle, how long have you known Sebastian? Where did you meet him? What was the thing that sparked the friendship?

I met Sebastian in September at an Arts & Literary festival called Gold 08 which took place in Shoreditch. Myself and a friend had recently read his fantastic book, Dandy in the Underworld (named after the Marc Bolan tune) and had spoken to Sebastian a couple of times through cyberspace, so when we heard he was doing a talk at the event, we felt it extremely necessary to go and meet the man himself!

After his talk, which we seriously enjoyed (I think that some others in the room were a touch shocked, and definitely did not get some of the topics he was describing ... a bit like on This Morning!) the three of us sat chatting away on the steps of Shoreditch Town Hall for a while, discussing all things from his book, to Bolan, our musical tastes, films, London, Manchester.

What did you talk about when you first met?

See previous answer.

Is it a platonic relationship?

He is of the male species. I am of the opposite. So yes. Sebastian?

Who does more talking, you or he?

Both? Although I never know when to shut up. Only when gagged!

How often do you see him? Is it mainly remote eg phone, email?

Since meeting Sebastian in September, we have hooked up once which was a couple of weeks ago. I visited Horsley Towers with another friend, then we went out for afternoon tea in Soho. I hope to be in London again in the coming weeks so maybe then, who knows!

Apart from that, we mainly chat via email as I live in Manchester.

Would you describe Sebastian as happy, content, unhappy, troubled, all of the above in a healthy balance?

N/A - Don't really think I can answer this as I don't know him 'that well' at present.

Tell me something of yourself?

I recently turned 26, which according to Sebastian is quite an 'offensive' age ha ha! I currently reside in Manchester and work in radio.

What's your view of his whoring?

I find it quite interesting to be honest. Until I read Sebastian's book, I hadn't really thought about it, but it all kind of makes sense, I mean most of the things that go on in the world, whether wacky or 'the norm' make some kind of sense and can be understood one way or another. Myself and most people who I know are a bit crazy and certainly not average, so I am very much a believer in that as long as you are not harming anyone, you should be able to do what you like and what makes you happy.

You bought him nail varnish recently. What's the precise colour?

I'm a huge fan of nail polishes and not so long ago came across the Barry M range. Now I have tried nearly every make possible, including the likes of Chanel, but I find these have the most amazing colours and don't chip as quickly as other brands, which I'd say is pretty damn good! I think that Sebastian would have been wearing either the Red Glitter on its own, or Bright Red, topped with Red Glitter. Didn't it look fabulous? - I think it even got a comment from Jack Dee post the This Morning interview!

What do you both talk about mainly now? Is Gordon Brown a subject likely to feature?

Anything and everything.

Are you in love with him?

Why of course! I do not think it is possible not to be. I've heard that every woman who meets Sebastian falls at his feet ... I did ... I actually then went on to fall down the aforementioned steps at Shoreditch Town Hall.

Will you spend Christmas together? If not, where?

Yes. We will be married on Christmas Day, then divorce on Boxing Day. What a way to celebrate!


Anonymous said...

I am a dear friend of Belle's and we have already discussed my bridemaids dress! I think it will be something whoreish!!

Flower said...

I am a dear friend of Belle's and we are already discussing the wedding day outfits!
As her best woman I hope it will be something whoreish! And of course Barry M varnish will be heavily featured!

The late Marje Proops said...

I am sorry to see Madame Arcati turned into a bordello, but then you've always been prone to fads before you drop people. There was a time when you ran serious interviews and exposed trash among journalists. Now you are whoring yourself about with that reprobate Horsley (precisely what kind of art does he do, pray?), I hope you recover from your fantasy Indian Summer, you trollop.

forgotten ones fund/stephmastini said...

nice to see that there are still some mean bitches on here... don't miscontrue that as an OFFHAND compliment "Flower"...
...what a lovely name...

forgotten ones fund/stephmastini said...

..I beg your pardon, I meant to address that last comment to the "late Marje Proops"...I hate to speculate who is behind that ridiculous pseudonym...