Friday, November 07, 2008

Tina Brown: She sees the light at last. Hallelujah!

Tina Brown has followed my advice and reduced the number of bylines she gives herself on her Daily Beast commentaries from three to two. She has also done as I asked and stilled that irritating moving left-hand byline that stalked the reader as he or she scrolled up and down her long sentences. This is the power of blogging, darlings. You could put her in a ducking stool and immerse her in Kung-Fu Panda's wee-wee for the next four years and she would still deny any such influence, but Madame Arcati knows better.

I am also enraptured that her piece on Obama reveals signs of a warming to mystical order after years of merely fashionable materialism - her ex Martin Amis, and her admirer Christopher Hitchens (as vicars of the Church of Atheism), will be most put out. "This has been an election full of magic," she writes, correctly. "White Magic that only the black man from everywhere and nowhere could perform. Even his adored grandmother dying on the eve of the victory had a mythic feeling of completion to it in a candidacy full of signs and symbols."

Isn't that marvellous? She's so up there with Ian Fleming who also respected the paranormal signs that guide humanity, presented as coincidence, numerical key and miracle - indeed without this knowledge we would never have had 007, the worldly presentation of the search for gnosis through union with a Bond Girl (Grace Jones was lovely). Of course, there will be those who say Tina is only being metaphorical and figurative, likening an amazing moment in our history to the supernatural claims of yesteryear's cave-dwellers and beardies, to convey her sense of awe at beheld wonders.

But I think otherwise. Tina is my new friend and I take back all the elegantly written abuse I have heaped on the poppet. Click here

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