Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Colony Room: Fuck off you filthy drunks. Cunts.

Dear Member
Please please make the effort to turn up tomorrow Wed 5th November for the AGM at 13.30 at the Club. As you may hear, the meeting is a sham and quite improperly called but it is vital that we show the strength of feeling amongst members that we want our Club to continue.

No doubt it will be run in the same vein to which it has been called and I somewhat doubt that members will get any realistic opportunity to be heard by the meeting. Michael Wojas will probably have a tight hold on the microphone and not to offer it to anyone else! It is quite likely that I will be 'barred' from the meeting - on what basis I know not.

He may have persuaded the so-called sham committee to declare that I am no longer a member. So be it. Regardless, please make your feelings known. If you support the continuance of the Club and as a member can attend, then please take the lead of people like Michael Beckett who has valiantly chaired to 'Shadow Committee' and others such as Margaret Manning, Kathy Dalwood, Kealan Doyle, Hamish McAlpine, Laurence Lynch, Johnny Thornton and Sebastian Horsley. Hope to see all you members there

With all best wishes Long Live the Colony Room Club.



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