Wednesday, November 26, 2008

William Cash and his foursome

Dear Madame
In case anyone is interested (I doubt it!) William Cash's newest magazine has no less than four pictures of himself.

Dear Anon
Thank you for telling us. Which magazine is this? In ignorance one supposes it is dedicated to the super-rich and makes much use of the word "oligarch". I hope it's called something like The Cash Register or Heiress Today, Gone Tomorrow. I like the story of the silly rich cunt who is having a wing built for his or her doggies that will have eye-recogntiion technology so that the woofers can come and go as they please - that is something Cash will be onto. How's his marriage to Vanessa? I really can't be bothered with any of this but please feel free to tell me what you all know starting with the magazine - has it Nicholas Coleridge as a contributing writer?


Anonymous said...

There is no new mag and the one with his 4 pics is not his mag any more.

Anonymous said...

no, it is not a new mag but it is the new issue of his mag...he is not the owner anymore but he is the editor and the mag is tied up with him. Anyway, it doesn't matter, but Madame A is quite correct in her assumptions of the content. But only no publicity is bad publicity(or so he would think!), so we have already spent too much time on him..on to more important topics!