Saturday, November 01, 2008

Dermot O'Leary: Stop the gay insinuations to Louis ...

... Walsh on The X Factor. Who do you think you're trying to bond with in a TV studio? Fucking Mr Regular.

As I wrote perceptively in 2006 (NB the Russell Brand reference): "O'Leary - he's perfectly functional, an auto-bloke who never does anything wrong, a TV-created idea of customised masculinity for a mass chippy audience. Not really witty, just fast. Attention span of a bluebottle. Stings like a hover fly. There's a factory somewhere churning out these "classless" content providers - he is the male Noughties but not very nice. Russell Brand is certainly a very different sort, will rise higher but burn brighter on descent."

(Pic: Dermot fortunately flaccid)

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