Sunday, February 10, 2008

Heather Mills McCartney settles for ...

On the eve of Heather Mills McCartney's day in court, turning into a bewigged Cherie Blair to "grill" Sir Paul McCartney for a slice of his fortune, let's remind ourselves of how much the newspapers claim she'll get:

News of the World - reports she wants £80m but will get £20m (Feb 10 2008)
News of the World - Heather accepts a £29m deal (2007)
News of the World - Paul offers Heather £40m deal to keep quiet (Sept 2006)
The Sunday Times - reports Heather wants £85m but Paul will settle only between £13m-20m
Press Association - the settlement could be as much as £60m - "Record $120m payout for Mills"
Sydney Morning Herald - Mills to get £55m
Sunday Mirror - "Heather thinks she can get £200m"
Scotland on Sunday - "£55m"
Glasgow Sunday Mail - "£50m"
The People - Macca's dismissed her £10m kiss-off offer (yeah, right ...)
Showbiz Spy - "$110"
Thaindian News, Thailand - "Heather's agreed to £10m"
NME - Pair agree to £60m divorce deal (2007)
The Sun - "Mucca gets £50 million" (2007)
Daily Telegraph - She could get as much as £70m (2007)
The Guardian - "Lady McCartney could walk away with around £200m despite being married to the former Beatle for just four years" (2006)
The Scotsman - settlement could reach £70m
The Times - Sir Macca offeres Mucca £55m to keep her cake-hole shut (Feb 8 2008)
Daily Mirror - She'll settle for £10m
Heather Mills - "I don't want his money" - GMTV

Etc, etc

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forgotten ones fund/stephmastini said...

this gal has the audacity to claim she needs 5 million a year just for her daughter...why? for body guards..go figure..what a bloody twit..who is she going to hire? members of the CIA?