Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Acorah is a con, says "ghost"

No one can quite put on a show like the Spiritualist medium Derek Acorah. His Living TV fans can't get enough of his donkey impersonations as yet another dead castle proprietor takes possession of Acorah's vocal chords. When he was on Most Haunted, his spirits' fury was usually aimed at the wild-eyed host Yvette Fielding - and with reason. She and Acorah couldn't abide each other.

Now I hear that someone else has fallen out of love with the hair-gelled mystic. Back in 1998 fellow medium and author John G Sutton "ghosted" the book The Psychic World of Derek Acorah for the medium. The book was reissued last year - but with Sutton's name missing as "co-author". What could have happened?

Over to Sutton. He recalls Acorah of the late '90s as a sensitive man, someone he respected. But no longer. He writes in Psychic World: "To the best of my knowledge he had no connections with the Spiritualist Church and was never a member in the accepted use of that term. Yet in various press interviews Acorah makes the false claim that he trained in Spiritualist Churches and is indeed a Spiritualist Medium, which is something he most certainly has never been."

Of Acorah's psychic hysterics on TV Sutton says: "People watching this twaddle may, unfortunately for Spiritualism, actually think that the man is really channeling a spirit entity through trance-mediumship. The way he fakes it makes the very idea appear ridiculous ....

"Nor have I ever seen any evidence from Derek Acorah that he can channel spirit. What I have seen amounts to a ludicrous charade played out for the benefit of the cameras in the name of making a TV show."

So no more Acorah ghost gigs for John then.

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