Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Vidal blasts his biographer

The posting below on Gore Vidal draws me again to his second memoir Point To Point Navigation: A Memoir. On, Publishers' Weekly reports that Vidal has used his book, due out Nov 9 in the UK, to have a go at his biographer Fred Kaplan whom he dismisses as "sex obsessed" and "dull".

Perhaps this is revenge for what Kaplan has said of working with Vidal on the life.At he's asked: What sort of direct tension did you experience with him? Kaplan replied:

"One of the topics that almost always produced tension was sexuality. As I describe it in the book, there's that moment where we'd been talking for a long period of time and I asked him if two people whose names had come up had ever slept together. He exploded: 'Kaplan, I'm getting sick and tired of questions about who slept with who! You'll never understand how we work, what our sexual life is about! You're just too straight, bourgeois, too inexperienced in that world, and I fear for what it is you'll write about my sexuality!'"

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