Friday, October 06, 2006

The X Factor: How to sell a corset

A PR firm writes to Madame Arcati:

"The third television series of The X Factor is well underway, and on the 7th October the Judges Houses shows will be broadcast on ITV1 at 6.10pm and 8.30pm. These will feature eighties pop star Sinitta who will be appearing as a member of Simon Cowell's panel.

"The glamorous Sinitta has her own distinctive style, and what more perfect a garment could she wear than a Court Royal corset, specially designed with diamante patterns to complement her natural sparkle. 'Arpana's corset was amazing to wear, I felt curvaceous and deliciously feminine in Miami - so much so I rushed back to choose different colours and fabrics so I can wear them for other special occasions!!' says Sinitta.

"In fact, even Simon Cowell couldn't fail to notice the dramatic appeal of the corset, after Sinitta made her entrance in the outfit during the filming of the show.

"The corset has been around for over 300 years, adored and famous for its ability to reduce waists, flatter curves, and add shape to every lady .... "

I'm sure Sinitta will look very becoming in her diamante corset. But shouldn't viewers be told she's a walking advert? And I wonder how many Court Royal corset items will be appearing in the press in the next few days?

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