Monday, October 02, 2006

Mr Lubbock seeks ... Veritas?

The brilliant site for literary junkies [click here] explores the peculiarities of a book titled Not Awight Now - Getting Away with Murder (out Oct 16). It's supposedly an examination of Stuart Lubbock's death - the guy who died at fallen TV star Michael Barrymore's house. For background see Grumpy's item.

Interestingly the book is edited and published by someone called Harry Cichy - a name that rings a bell. He was a press officer of Robert Kilroy-Silk's right-wing party Veritas and a Veritas party election official in Harlow in 2005. The Veritas 2005 general election candidate for Harlow was one Tony Bennett - the Essex lawyer who at some point represented the father of Stuart, Terry Lubbock, or the Lubbock Trust, and who tried and failed to bring a private prosecution against Michael Barrymore earlier this year.

This is the same Tony Bennett who leads the militant Active Resistance to Metrication. He's been arrested a number of times for damaging road signs and other public property in his campaign to put the Olde back in England. He's now acting secretary of the Popular Alliance party which campaigns against Europe and the Human Rights Act. His publicity agent is one ... Harry Cichy who also happens to be Terry Lubbock's publicity agent.

Of Cichy a trawl through Wikipedia - which has clearly been hijacked by the Lubbock contingent against Barrymore - reveals him to be some sort of consumer journalist and Olde Englander. Apparently he contributes to UK Whitegoods and made a bit of a name for himself over the Hoover free flights fiasco back in the '90s.

All in all Harlow sounds a happening place and Terry Lubbock would appear to have surrounded himself with some, er, very interesting people.

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Anonymous said...

Please note that Mr lubbock would like it known that Anthony Bennett known as Tony Bennett, Mr Lubbiock's former Solicitor, no longer acts for Terry Lubbock or the Lubbock family. * Mr Bennett is not aouthorised to use the Lubbock name.