Monday, October 30, 2006

Jamie Callum saves Sunday Express!

Yesterday’s Sunday Express splashed on Britain’s “Nuke Secrets Stolen”. It told how classified documents from the Los Alamos nuclear weapons laboratory were found at a trailer park in a drugs bust. "The secrets of Britain's Trident nuclear deterrent were feared stolen last night," the report started. Last night?

How come no follow up in today’s press? – I mean, isn’t this an apocalyptic happening? As the Sunday Express commented, Osama could get his hands on these secrets and blow us all up as we shop for Christmas presents (oh all right, I made up the festive bit). Certainly a serious security breach, one of many apparently, but was it actual new news?

No doubt this story had nothing to do with The Times report published on October 26 headlined "Los Alamos secrets are found in drug factory". The Express story was a straight lift – but with the spurious British angle stitched in for the retirees who use the paper as kitty litter.

Is the Sunday Express editor Martin Townsend now trawling for old news stories on Nexus as space-filler splashes in the absence of exclusives?

At least Mart had a Jamie Cullum promo occupying most of his front page - I can think of no other reason to buy reheated bollocks.

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