Monday, October 23, 2006

Russell Brand's "comely" fan

The Indy's guest media diarist Guy Adams reports that a certain "comely broadsheet columnist" went to bed with Russell Brand after being sent to interview the satyr last February. Adams refrains from naming the woman or newspaper because he's a gent.

It was in fact the Telegraph's Bryony Gordon.

A Telegraph reader of her recent piece on Heather Mills McCartney asked: "Why is this drivel appearing in my cherished newspaper? It's just page-filler nonsense. Who hired Bryony Gordon, and why?"

I can't answer all that but the fact she's the daughter of Sunday Mirror columnist Jane Gordon and aged 25 will not have been unhelpful in these anti-ageist and meritocratic times.


Waltroon said...

Speaking of drivel appearing in cherished spaces, let us hope that you yourself, Madame, are shortly revealed in all your glory. First, the Girl With a One Track Mind; then Bryony Wossname; soon ... the Seer With the One Track Crystal Ball.

Arcati said...

My identity must perforce remain a secret. Rumours may fly about but nothing can be proven, I deny everything, I lie through my teeth. A certain newspaper is employing illegal means to find out who I am; they should be warned that Madame Arcati's revenge is swift and terrible upon all trangressors. Every story I tell is just the tip of the iceberg.