Sunday, October 29, 2006

Screws' sex ad screw-up

A classic screw-up in the News of the World today. Turn to p56 and you'll find just two big ads. On the left-hand side of the page is a most charming promotion that offers your child the chance to be a "DVD star". Yes, just send a photo of your little darling to U R The Star and they'll scan it into a computer and then place it into a pre-formatted cartoon film. Just think, your brat can be just like Mickey Mouse!

However on the right-hand side of the same page, a bare quarter-inch away, is something very different. Horny Devil is offering hardcore DVDs "for every reader" including the "American collection of hot 'n' horny XXX DVDs". The Danish XXX DVD collection has all sorts of enticing titles that suggest gangbangs, spunk swallowing, facials, lesbian squelching and much much more. A list of sex shops is to be found less than half an inch from the U R The Star order form.

Ever wishing to be helpful, I suggest parents fold the page in half to conceal the sex ad so as to protect their vulnerable kids from such corruption. One just hopes that pester power does not draw minors to the right hand ad first. For as the Horny Devil order form requires customers to avow: "I am over 18 and agree to keep these items away from minors."

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