Wednesday, October 18, 2006

McCartneys: Murdoch rag's low blow

Somehow the UK Daily Mail has got hold of Heather McCartney's divorce court papers in which she accuses Sir Paul of launching violent attacks on her, heavy drinking, drug taking and generally abusive behaviour towards her. He denies everything. No mention of his brother in all this - see previous post. The following item caught my eye as an example of how the so-called quality press are just as vulgar and low as the tabs these days:

"The petitioner promised the respondent that he would protect her and support her in relation to adverse press reports but has failed to do so on numerous occasions, when he has been in a position to do so.

"In mid-November 2004 the respondent was warned that a forthcoming article about her was to appear in the Sunday Times magazine and included the line 'the best thing that ever happened to Heather Mills McCartney was losing her leg' which was distressing and vulgar press commentary.

"As the petitioner had been asked to participate in the half-time entertainment for the Superbowl on Fox TV owned by Rupert Murdoch (who also owns the Sunday Times), the respondent asked the petitioner to tell Mr Murdoch that he would not confirm his participation in the Superbowl unless he agreed not to run the deeply unpleasant story.

"However, the petitioner refused to assist the respondent in this way, announced his involvement in the Superbowl and therefore the Sunday Times had no reason not to publish the story.


Anonymous said...

and you then replicate???

presumably you cant see the hypocracy

Arcati said...

You'd better get used to the replication, deary. It's called multi-media, OK?