Thursday, October 12, 2006

Murdoch's war on Muslims and Iran

Fascinating profile of Rupert Murdoch in The New Yorker by John Cassidy. Fascinating for what other media have chosen not to amplify beyond his balancing cups of tea with Blair and Brown. First there's Rupe's take on Muslims:

"We keep having to speak politically correctly about it, saying Muslims are wonderful, it’s just a tiny minority. They are not all terrorists, of course, but the frightening thing is that it is the children of those good original immigrants who are being brainwashed in big numbers."

So where does that line of reasoning take us? I hope his arselick editors are taking note.

Then the Pol Pot of global multi-media brings out his toy soldiers on Iran:

"Murdoch takes a hard line on Iran, too: he supports the idea of threatening military strikes to prevent the Ahmadinejad regime from acquiring enriched nuclear material. 'There are no easy solutions,' he said. 'We can’t invade the place, so it’s a matter of bombing and probably killing an awful lot of people. If you could really end the nuclear program for good, you might be forced to do that. It would be a lesson to other countries.'"

"Probably killing an awful lot of people" - what a line!

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