Saturday, October 14, 2006

Madonna's Kabbalah adoption

Much of the coverage of Madonna's adoption of 18-month-old Malawian boy Davie has been deservedly critical, but tending to harp on the use of her mega-celebrity to pluck a new pet at break-neck speed. One report claims she picked Davie for his photogenic quality: if true this is a shrewd move given the aesthetic tastes of newspapers and magazines.

More interesting is the fact that she will be building a Kabbalah orphanage in Malawi at a personal cost of $3m. A little reported fact is that she's doing this under the aegis of the Kabbalah-oriented charity Raising Malawi. While I wouldn't question Madge's compassion, one can't help but see that the adoption and the orphanage are also part of a marketing exercise for Kabbalah in a largely Roman Catholic country. The ever-proselytising Pope must be most displeased.

The majority of her charitable donations goes to the Kabbalah Centre these days: in 2005 she gave its Spirituality for Kids organisation $268,106 and $184,250 to the Centre itself. In constrast she managed $10,000 for the Aids Project Los Angeles. The money cascades tax-free from her Ray of Light Foundation.

Still, if religion is the price of saving life in this shit world, so be it.

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