Thursday, October 19, 2006

Press Gazette

Madame Arcati is never happier than when she spots signs of her influence far and wide, and so she congratulates Press Gazette for echoing her thoughts on Sarah Sands in an editorial today: her interview with General Sir Richard Dannatt for the Mail was indeed unwitting revenge on the Telegraph - though the actual point was that she had been dismissed as a political lightweight by the likes of the ever-omniscient Andrew Neil, fit only for tree-hugging features.

On the subject of Press Gazette, I am distressed to see that its excellent Axegrinder gossip column would appear to be in peril. It's had to run three apologies in the latest edition - I see the Sun's Rebekah Wade has cancelled its PG subscriptions in a rage over something trifling. The child spirits that are journalists cannot bear the treatment they mete out to others: surely proprietor Piers Morgan must have known this.

Much as I rather enjoy parts of Press Gazette - though the Press Cadets should be lined up and shot - the magazine's raison d'etre is rather anachronistic these days. Who cares about the British Press Awards with its narrow inclusiveness? There's a big world out there, Piers, beyond the prematurely-aged workaholics who happily plunder the net for leads, ideas and energy.

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