Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Moss' blacking up prompts race row

The blacking up of Kate Moss for Giorgio Armani's "guest-edited" edition of The Independent the other week (see previous posting) has been criticised by website

Under the category of Racism, the site headlines its report with: "We dont want a real black woman - i mean nah! so we got kate moss and painted her black instead." One of many commentators, Sokari, writes:

"This is even more disturbing as it is part of a trend for white celebrities to use Blackness and Africa in this insiduous way. Whether it is Jolie acting the part of a woman of colour or Paltrow 'dressing up as an African woman' and defining herself as such or Moss. It seems to me that there is a shift in the boundaries of racism whereby it is acceptable for whiteness to appropriate and act out blackness in these ways. African and Blackness has always been consumed through art, dress, music and so on but now it has gone beyond that to our identities. I would not be surprised if painting yourself black becomes a fashion trend like dreadlocks. I dont know how but I think these are issues we need to challenge ."

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