Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Danny Dyer takes it E-asy

British star Danny Dyer has warned that his new Nick Love film Outlaw will offend and upset a lot of film fans.
It's a vigilante tale set in contemporary Britain and Dyer said: "We live in a messed up world. Paedophiles are being let out of jail and allowed to live opposite a school. This film tackles all that stuff - it's very dark but it's also very apt about the world we live in now."
Severance star Danny Dyer admitted he has made films while on drugs in the past but says he's sober now.
The Business and Football Factory star said: "I've made one or two films where I've been on Es the whole time. Human Traffic was one - I decided to do a bit of method acting and that involved taking Es. I thought I'll have a go at that to improve my acting."
Brit director Chris Smith said he was warned his horror film Severance would be impossible to sell in the US after 9/11 because of an aircraft scene.
The horror drama features a scene of violence involving a passing plane and Smith said: "We were told it wouldn't sell in the US because of that part. Actually we had three companies competing for the film, all of whom said that was their favourite scene."
Severance director Christopher Smith has told the British Film industry why he had to take his horror comedy film abroad to get it made. The film is set somewhere in eastern Europe and Smith explained: "You could in theory have made it in England.
The trouble is making films in this country is a nightmare. Every time you set up a shot you discover a Tesco Metro has appeared in the camera."

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