Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Jodie - call Arcati!

Further to my story the other day about glamour model Jodie Marsh not updating her priceless blog since July 6 - I may know now why she's "disappeared". My pals at Digital Spy tell me that a "Jodie Marsh haters" forum was created which has to date attracted over 212,000 views - by far the lead item of interest in their showbiz section.
Is it possible that sensitive Jodie has taken offence and is sulking in her Essex homestead with her doggies?

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately not Madame A. Jodes is doing time in Jersey where she was booed at the Battle of the Flowers, while doing a lap of honour of the parade ground. She was so upset the organisers had to fix up for her to visit a battered wives' refuge to make her feel better. With a bumper £20,000 payday let's hope the Ronseal tart paid for petrol for the car. It's the least she could do for her mercifully fleeting appearance.