Friday, August 25, 2006

Robbie in Barcelona

Hello dearies, back from Barcelona. Rudebox everywhere - Robbie Williams on the cab radio to Gatwick, Rob-bloody-ster in some "duty-free" shop after the security farce (no, charade), Rude-fucking-box in the hire car from Barcelona Airport up the C32 to the Meridiana, Robbie on some TV screen in the Cortes Ingles dept store in the Catalunya square whatsit, then more Rudebox in the hotel - lovely hotel actually in Barbera del Valles, since you ask - lots of marble - yes, more Rudebox while this Catalan cleaner waltzed with her mops and hoover over rink-shiny floors - it was like Holiday On Ice - Rudebox everywhere in Barcelona and I don't think the single's out yet, not that I care. Robbie reminded me that I was still in UK Popland which is just about anywhere but the USA. Picked up the Sun (2 Euro!) and here's the Robster claiming he fancies Madonna while making the foul allegation that Louis Walsh wants him as his lover. Didn't Victoria Newton say Rudebox is the worst single in history? Actually it nags its way into your head and after a while it's fit for the iPod. It was Gaudi Vs Robbie Williams in Barthelona, and if that reference makes no sense to you then take the next flight out to Barcelona even if the Spanish can’t do maps.
(Message to Conde Nast Traveller: the above will cost you £578.00 + VAT).

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