Friday, August 11, 2006

Olde Queer attacks Tame Queer

It’s odd how the London Evening Standard’s gay theatre critic Nicholas de Jongh has to resort to writing to his own paper’s Readers’ Views page in order to express his disapproval of the London Evening Standard’s gay resident columnist Johann Hari. You might think the paper would give de Jongh comparable space given his veteran status, but then the subject of the row is sex, or specifically, homosex.
The ishoo is Hari’s recent piece on George Michael. The Kathy Bates lookalike is under the impression that the superstar-singer is representative of Olde Queer, with his sordid and immature cruisin’ and a-juicin’ on Hampstead Heath, while Tame Queer Hari is a paragon of young, enlightened, mature homos who are nicely futon’d each night with a partner in their Wallpaper-inspired homes. The only cruisin’ Tame Queer gets up to is on his TV remote as he channel-hops from one soap to another.
“As for Hari’s assertion that young gay men of his morally improved generation do not go in for anonymous sex or cruising, I can only deduce he’s living with the fairies in Never-Never land,” writes de Jongh.
Very nicely put.

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Anonymous said...

So, De Jongh is gay ? Well, well, that explains many things...