Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Jodie: Platell would be proud

Jodie Marsh, anti-bullying campaigner par excellence, rather undermines her cause with her fantastically vicious and abusive blog (see below). As a script for bullies it is nonpareil and Amanda Platell must surely approve (see below also).
A few examples, supplied by a friend of Madame Arcati:

Jan 30 http://www.jodiemarsh.tv/blog/index.cfm?ccs=23&cs=215
On Carole Malone, columnist:
“Very nasty old journalist. Famous for being fat". “Silly old mare”

On George Galloway:
“A two faced lying twat”. “A vile little man”

On Michael Barrymore:
“A weird, twisted and nasty old man”. “Scum of the earth”

“The ugliest thing, inside and out”. “Bitter, jealous old trannie”

Rula Lenska:
“A two-faced bitter old woman”

“An annoying dumb un-caring bimbo”

“Sly, shifty, unintelligent”

Said she would like to smash a magazine writer’s head through their computer screen.

Feb 1: http://www.jodiemarsh.tv/blog/index.cfm?ccs=23&cs=287
On Jordan:
“She slates my nose but hers is hooked like a witch’s from the side”

On Rebekah Wade, Sun editor:
“A feminist ginger bitch, ugly as sin”

On Barrymore:
“A insane twittering old man”

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