Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sunday Mirror buys phone bills

As The News Of The World implodes, other nationals and even Press Gazette focus on the journalistic racket of accessing people's voice mail messages. But nobody is talking about another illegal practice - the buying of celebrity phone bills.
Take the Sunday Mirror for today's example. To get their hands on a bill, certain of their more foxy hacks phone a company called ELI (tel: 0208 544 0054) and just give the celeb name and address, all for about £800 a pop.
Remember the Rio Ferdinand splash where they had "evidence" about what time he called to prove he lied over the drug test? They simply pulled his phone bill. Or Zoe Ball's affair with the DJ Dan Peppe: all they did was pull her mobile phone bill and see who she was calling teary-eyed after midnight.
It wasn't her husband ... it was this bloke and hey presto: evidence of an affair (all they then did was follow her).

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