Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Nesta the movie star!

How's my darling friend Nesta Wyn Ellis, the girl from Llanrwst, doing in Paris these days? The highpoint of her literary career was her outrageous biography of John Major when he was PM back in the '90s. It was she who persuaded poor old Norma to confess to marital rows and to her crockery bombardments, and it all culminated in Nesta calling John "flaky" on Wogan.

Now she is a resident of Paris and known as nocturnal song bird Chanteur Isabelle, a reinvention all the more remarkable for its genesis in her seventh decade.
Then last night, with a glass of absinthe in hand, I popped in a DVD of a fascinating little movie called Bolsa de huesos y recuerdos starring, among others, someone called Yzabel and it's all about an old singer, Alicia, preparing herself for her last show.

Suddenly my torpid mind stirs awake as I recognise those familiar long blonde locks - for it is none other than Nesta! And such a sad ending, as Alicia is revealed as a tragic old soak drinking whisky from a bottle wrapped in a brown paper bag!
How many other John Major biographers can also claim to be Chanteur Isabelle, the movie actress Yzabel and the one-time Liberal parliamentary candidate for Brighton?

Surely a biopic of this extraordinary woman must be in the offing.

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