Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Diana didn't die

German director Christoph Schlingensief has probably found his perfect material in the death of Diana, Princess of Wales - he's making a movie about her last hours - given his notoriety for blurring fact and fiction. Thanks to the likes of the Daily Express no explanation of her passing will ever be credible: just back your whim.
"Diana is a legend," says Schlingensief. "The most abstruse conspiracy theories have grown up around her death. It can probably never be exactly clarified what happened in that hour of her death. Art has the freedom to interpret this."
Schlingensief's artistic stunts include a pretend Big Brother street show in Vienna featuring asylum seekers competing for a residence permit (passers-by were fooled) and a staging of Hamlet in Zurich for which he recruited neo-Nazis.
His intention is to question certainty: yet in Diana we have little but uncertainty -unless he sneakily proposes to suggest that she survived the car crash. It's an entirely credible notion that Charles and Camilla were privy to a conspiracy to smuggle Diana out of public life via Paris and settle her in happy obscurity on, say, the charming island of Thudufushi in the Maldives - where Brigitte Nielsen used to holiday regularly. Schlingensief should look into this.

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