Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Pray for the Screws

Should you find a moment in your day for prayer, than radiate your thoughts to the embattled News Of The World.
Finally the curses of its many victims have hit home. The hexes have delivered.
The Fake Sheikh entirely discredited and exposed as a criminal agent provocateur, Tommy Sheridan triumphant, Rav Singh a proven showbiz fabricator, circulation in freefall - and now the arrest of royal editor Clive Goodman over alleged "intercepted" phonecalls to the royal family (in an investigation involving anti-terrorist officers).
Perhaps he's innocent, probably not.
Poor editor Andy Coulson must wonder at his karma - what has he done to deserve all this? After all, someone has to do his job - to preside over prurient celebrity sex stories for Sunday masturbation while attempting to launder the tacky operation with crypto-police work. Yet it would appear that the entire paper is a criminal organisation, what with cops rifling through its shredder bins. Let's hope Murdoch doesn't keel over and die what with the shock and all.
Could it be all the work of Max Clifford, Coulson's once great ally-turned-nemesis? No Sun editorship for Coulson. But then if you construct a working environment based on fear and loathing, where hacks are compelled in effect to falsify, what can you expect but ruin?
The Screws. RIP.

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There is more to come.